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Navigating the Road to Injury-Free Running

Alice Baquie

Alice Baquie

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Running is a wonderfully addictive sport. The excitement we feel as we discover new trails or sign up to a new event, can have us pushing for more as we run longer, faster and harder. It almost becomes a game of "running roulette," as we test how far we can go whilst still tolerating the impact. But eventually, if we continue to push hard enough, we can fall victim to injuries and niggles, causing us to take a step back. From elite competitors to weekend warriors, understanding and overcoming running injuries is essential for sustained success. This guide aims to explore the complexity of running injuries, offering insight into prevention, recovery, and strengthening strategies to keep you on track.

Unraveling the Mystery of Running Injuries: An Athlete's Dilemma

The excitement of conquering new goals and breaking personal records is often accompanied by an increased risk of injury. Whether caused by overtraining, insufficient recovery, or unfortunate missteps, recognising early warning signs and adopting preventive measures is crucial for maintaining running momentum.

Rest & Recovery: Your Blueprint for Healing

For runners, scheduling in time for rest & recovery isn't something that comes easily. We're motivated and driven in nature, which can be both a blessing and a curse as it often leads us to return from injury far too quickly. The last thing any runner needs is to return from an injury, only to rebound back onto the sidelines.

Every injury and runner is unique, meaning that no recovery plan is the same. Your return to run program will depend on the person and their injury, as well as their training, physiology and goals. It is an incredibly personal and individual process. There is, however, PLENTY we can do to make transitioning back into running smoother and more injury averse, such as a applying strength and rehabilitation, walk-jog programs and diverse cross-training.

Nourishment, Rest, and Resilience: The Foundations of Recovery

In addition to physical therapy, optimal recovery includes nutrition, sleep, and stress management. Together, these elements help to enhance healing to ensure the best possible outcome when returning to training.

A Tailored Return-to-Running Plan: Navigating Your Comeback

Successful rehabilitation from running injuries requires a personalised approach, taking into account the nature of the injury, the runner's history, and specific recovery goals. A progressive walk-jog program, starting on forgiving terrains (such as flat and relatively soft - NOT sand), which gradually begins to integrate intervals and hills, creates a strong foundation for a gradual, yet effective comeback.

Building a Resilient Runner: The Power of Strength and Flexibility

Whilst challenging to go through, recovery from running injuries can offer an invaluable opportunity for learning and growth. Runners who commit to comprehensive rehab often discover a deeper appreciation for their bodies and the sport, emerging stronger and more resilient than ever before. Emphasising strength and flexibility in their training, enables runners to enjoy a healthier, more enduring relationship with the sport. Our Pilates classes at are designed by Physiotherapists and created specifically for runners, to help you recover faster and reduce the risk of future injuries.

Empower Your Recovery: Connect with Expert Guidance

Whether grappling with an injury or seeking to enhance your strength and rehab routines, expert advice can be pivotal in navigating your recovery. As a dedicated runner and physiotherapist, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact that tailored injury management and rehabilitation plans can have on the success of returning to sport. So, for personalised guidance or to trial the strength & rehabilitation sessions, feel free to reach out. Together, we can ensure that your love for running continues long into the future, keeping you healthy and stronger for longer.

Key Takeaway

Running goes beyond being just a sport; it's a journey of self-discovery and resilience. By embracing a holistic approach to injury prevention and recovery, runners can be sure to safeguard their passion and reach the goals they've set out to achieve!

Alice Baquie

About Alice Baquie

Alice has been a physio for fourteen years and specialises in injury prevention and management for runners. Alice has represented Australia in distance running and gymnastics so has sound knowledge of athletic performance and understands the importance of strength conditioning and mobility to help keep the body moving effectively to mitigate injuries.

Alice, otherwise known to her wonderful pilates community as AB is a fun loving inclusive person always ready to chat and have a laugh and has hosted 1000’s of online classes which attract people from all around the world, including 25 Aussie Olympians.