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A revolutionary hub of Pilates workouts, rehab and injury prevention, built by Physiotherapists specifically for runners to improve running performance.
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Passionate Physiotherapists specialised in running. We live and breath running and want nothing more than to enhance your running experience, help you reach your goals and enjoy the journey.
Alice Baquie

Alice Baquie

Founder of forRunners, Physio, Principle Pilates Instructor & Passionate Runner

Alice's impressive 14-year tenure in physiotherapy speaks volumes, showcasing her undeniable impact in the field. Renowned for her expertise in aiding runners with injury prevention and management, she goes beyond the conventional physiotherapist's role. As a former elite gymnast and having competed at a National level for distance running in cross country, Alice possesses a profound understanding of athletes' unique needs Affectionately known as AB in the pilates community, her classes are vibrant gatherings and a place of community connection. Online, her influence is far-reaching, hosting a multitude of classes with a dedicated following, including 25 esteemed Australian Olympians.

Lisa Frazer

Lisa Frazer

Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor

Lisa's been in the physio game for a decade, and she knows how to spice up her Pilates sessions with some serious clinical know-how. As a fellow runner, she totally gets the highs of the sport and how it boosts your mental game. Her classes? They're all about keeping you strong and bendy, so you can keep pounding the pavement with a grin. And talk about a dance pro – with 20 years under her belt, Lisa's all about weaving that creative dance magic into Pilates. But don't let her sweet vibe and friendly chit-chat fool you. This lady's workouts are a stealthy mix of core and glute power – a surefire way to kick off your day right.

Jess Anwyl

Jess Anwyl

Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor, Pregnancy Specialist

Jess Anwyl isn't just any Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor – she's a mother of two who specialises for prenatal and postnatal Physio and Pilates for runners. Jess has played in the VNL and VFL for years, and she's even worked her physio magic at the Commonwealth Games and Netball Nationals. With her deep insight into treating runners and her own journey as a mom, there is no one better to take you through your return to running program post birth, or keep you fit/active and strong while pregnant. Jess' knowledge and personal experince is unmatched and you'll feel this as you step onto your mat and partake in any of her classes.

Lissy Duncan

Lissy Duncan

Professional Athlete & Run Coach

Liss is not just any run coach; she's a bona fide expert, having led coaching courses for Athletics Australia and being a world-class athlete herself. She's donned the Aussie colors more than 10 times, racing in everything from 1500m to 5000m and cross country, and she's been in the thick of it at the Commonwealth Games, World Championships, and even selected for the 1500m at the Rio Olympics in 2016. Her passion? Spreading the love for running and making it fun for everyone. Liss's mantra is simple: if you run, you're a runner. She's all about getting people of all levels to join in and enjoy the stride. Having faced her fair share of injuries, including a couple that needed surgeries, she knows the drill on keeping exercise loads balanced to dodge injuries. So, whether you're looking for elite advice, coaching tips, or just a fellow running enthusiast, Liss's got you covered. Join her in a specialized coaching program, and she'll guide you towards your running goals while keeping those pesky pains at bay.

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Jess Stenson
Australian Marathoner x2 Olympian,
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