We’re Back In Action!

Season #1

As always we start with a fast-fire session of favourites, and this or that questions with AB (Alice Baquie) and Lissy (Melissa Duncan). Everyone loves a good come-back! And now AB and Lissy are here to stay! Join Lissy in her running revival, coming in a casual second place in her most recent run. Lis is also closely assisted by AB who was supposed to bring her race gels and yet missed her by seconds, as she herself was in a race against time with only her trusty scooter at full throttle to knock-out a pre race toilet queue. Join our favourite certified Pilates instructor, and racing expert as they dive deep into their adventures over the past few months. From challenging races to invigorating Pre-race day Pilates in the park, this episode covers everything you missed and what’s to come, get excited!


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