How many Kilometres does it take to defrost a sausage?

Season #1

As always we start with a fast-fire session of favourites, and this or that questions with AB (Alice Baquie) and Lissy (Melissa Duncan). AB & Lissy had a ripper weekend at the great ocean road running festival. Lis took 3rd place in a 14k comeback run with AB not far behind, they had an absolute blast and leave it to Alice to take on corners full speed. Not only did they run, but they hosted a Pre run Pilates activation with the highlight being face mics fulfilling AB’s Britney Spears dreams! Lissy dabbles in multitasking, turns out 6km will defrost a sausage in your pocket ready for dinner. Also coming up is the forrunners app launch, and planning a trip to the USA with many Pre run Pilates events so get excited!

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