Pick Your Poison - Run Training OR Performing?

Season #1

As always we start with a fast-fire session of favourites, and this or that questions with AB (Alice Baquie) and Lissy (Melissa Duncan). This episode focuses on run routines and nutrition. AB and Lissy share their complete run routines, and their completely different approaches to them. Including debates about breakfasts and how much you should be eating before a a run. Lissy gives us an insight into why she enjoys performance and the actual race itself. While AB cannot get enough of the hard sweaty training sessions, and why she has a complete aversion to taper weeks. Pre run nutrition is super important for your energy during a run and Lissy is a pro at it, (besides a slight yogurt addiction). Listen in and join this quirky pair in their fun-filled weekly episodes of forRunners the Podcast. Check out the Pilates for Runners Membership at https://forrunners.app