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The Ultimate Pre & Post Run Routines

AB (Alice - Physiotherapist / Legendary Pilates Instructor & Passionate Runner) and Lissy (Olympic & Professional Runner) share their amazing pre-run activation and post-run recovery and mobility routines that are game changers in lifting your running performance as well as ensuring injury prevention.

Alice and Lissy guide you on the what, when and how to... with their amazing pre and post-run routines.

In this FREE Ultimate Running Resource, you will get access to:

  • The ultimate pre-run activation warm-ups
    • Helps with injury prevention and performance. Increases blood flow to the muscles for muscular elasticity, joint range of motion and neuromuscular pathways for movement quality & response times.

  • The ultimate post-run mobility recovery sessions
    • Helps the body cool down post session, mobilises the joints, and lengthens the muscles and tendons so you can bounce back quickly and be ready for your next run.

  • Injury Management and Performance Tips from a Physio and Professional Runner 
    • Walking you through the most common running injuries and how to avoid them, and my 3 best tips for improving your performance.

Over 25 Australian Olympic Athletes use these pre & post-run routines to enhance their running performance and reduce injury during critical preparation and training periods for international competitions and world running events


As part of this offer, you also receive access to 2 additional EXPRESS sessions that have become hugely popular with the international running community.

  • The Ultimate Pre-Run EXPRESS Routine
  • The Ultimate Post-Run EXPRESS Recovery Routine

Runner Reviews:

Alice’s pre/post run sequences have been a game changer for my running- I don’t leave the house or come home from a run without completing one! They are short, snappy and hit all the right spots to get ready and activated for a run, or unwind and loosen up before you jump in to the shower. The variety online means there’s always something new to try and you always finish feeling better for it. I highly recommend anyone give them a go before their next run!

Laura Lincoln - 10 x marathoner and Speech Pathologist

“Particularly as I get older, and everything takes a little longer to warm up and feel flowy, I love the pre-run activations to start my runs feeling flowy from the get-go, rather than feeling like I’m shuffling for the first 10mins. The post-run routines are great to help ensure I’m then not getting sore and stiff as I go from training to work”

Dave McNeill - 3x Olympian, Physio and Run Coach

My relationship with running has completely changed since starting ForRunners (Alice Baquie) Pre & Post Run Routines. I’m no longer starting runs stiff and sore, I feel smoother as I run, and more importantly, I’m pulling up so much better the next day. Long, short, standing, laying, they’re all brilliant, and have been a major catalyst to falling back in love with the sport.

Hannah Christie - Exercise Physiologist and PHD