Coaching for Runners with Lissy Duncan is...


An amazing opportunity to learn from a professional athlete/olympian. All run levels are catered for. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, a serious weekend runner or an amateur/pro running competitor, you will find incredible value in Lissy's training methods and advice.

Coaching for Runners with Lissy Duncan includes:

Tailored Coaching Program


One-on-One Zoom Session

Individual Training Program

Regular Check-ins to Discuss Progress

Monthly Plan Reviews

High-Performance Advice



Live Coaching

Online Resources


Interactive Coaching Calendar & Monitoring

Online Feedback System

Training Videos

Load Management

Pilates for Runners Limited On-Demand Access

Physio Advice


Available 24/7

Lissy Duncan Professional International Athlete

✅   Qualified Coach  

✅   Facilitated Coaching Courses
for Athletics Australia


Lissy has a real passion for promoting health and enjoyment in the participation of running. Anyone who runs is a 'runner! She loves to encourage everyone to feel comfortable to come along and give it a go. After sustaining many injuries throughout her professional career including several bone related injuries (2 surgeries). Lissy understands first hand the importance of managing exercise loads to remain injury free.

Run Coaching Packages Available

Monthly Run Coaching Program


⭐️⭐️ Cancel Anytime ⭐️⭐️

  • Start Immediately
  • Tailored specifically for run performance and injury prevemtion

Nail Your Race Day! - 6 Week Run Coaching Program


🟢 Inc. my Winning Race Day Routine 🟢

  • 6 Week Run Coaching Program
  • Tailored Specifically for Race Performance
  • My  Winning Race-day Routine